Complaint admin hitatu

Hello i created an account just for this

This admin hitatu is admin abusing!

Here is what happened:
1: I join the server and immediatly nominate skill escape map and stay quiet
2: when nomination show up i sugest ONE TIME to vote for the map i want
3: everyone votes and skill escape wins. I shut up

by now the ONLY time i spoken was before the voting starts to sugest my map. nothing more

4: Hitatu joins the server and mutes me for 1 week.

I think this admin is abusing his power because:
I only talked one time
There were other admins on server who didnt mute (just told me to shut up) which i did when they said.

Hitatu always treated me and to be fair other players badly just because he is admin. Ive seen him mute other people without warning, nothing. And very long bans/mutes too.

I am here complaining against him and please remove him from admin.

Here is a video of what happened:

many people now will say that i am annoying (which is debatable but i wont argue) but that is no excuse for this kind of admin abuse

Ok and?

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and what? this type of behaviour should not be indulged

Hope you made this topic to troll.

Otherwise if you aren’t trolling, you just spam in vc everyday since 2 months to vote a map, so your mute is completely justified, it’s considered as spam if you didn’t know.

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okay man i understand that when i SPAM voice chat i need a little warning and if i dont stop a subsequent mute, BUT in this case i didnt SPAM anything…basically what will happen from now on is since HITATU doesnt like me he, everytime he seems me on the server he is just going to automatically mute me even though i didnt do anything yet…like the example above, i didnt do anything and he just muted me…so thats it? am i expected to be muted even though i didnt say anything yet?