[CSGO] [Zombie Escape / Mod] Penetration bullets improvement


I recently made a post on Alliedmods forum :
You may not be aware of it but it could interest you.


I’ve brought this up a few times in your servers asking around if anyone could change/adjust cvars and really the only one that increases performance by a noticeable amount is sv_server_verify_blood_on_player 0. A handful of server operators seem to overlook this and would rather complain to Valve about other issues giving other server operators headaches… This obviously does what it says and also stops the continuous ear piercing sound effect you get when the server decides to have a stroke with multiple players/zombies in an area getting shot. Fairly handy and by far seems the most useless competitive command.

This command you mentioned isn’t so new and we’ve had it going. Felt like mentioning the command above again as it’s very much so of an impact with nothing to gain from it.