Custom tags for supporter

Hello guys,

I think that supporter need a slight update, and i’m thinking that could be great to have custom tags.
That’s really a cool stuff, and i think that will have near no impact about lag.

Please :slight_smile:

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+1.000.000 PORFAVOR!


Wouldn’t this be A LOT of work for Morell to manually edit for each person every time they want it changed? And to create separate groups for?

Plus the SUPPORTER tag is a good advert to newer players, I often see them ask about it, and it may lead to more sales.

But if it is easy to do it might be cool. I am happy with it how it is though. Would prefer a larger skin choice!

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Would prefer a larger skin choice [/ quote]!

More models would be a great idea too

Gosh Hichatu, your signature! Rip eyes XD

It should depend on what plugin we found i think…
Maybe it’s possible to set it through a command for the players? Like !tag i Love Morell <3 :smiley:

I know there can be abuse with that, but it’s same that with team tags or nick of the player…
And maybe some plugins allows to disable custom tag of someone easily, if there is abuse…?
Then that’s will be your job Nick jajaja.

+1 for more models too… But that’s other discussion

[Supporter][Tag]Name, possibly

A lot of servers have it as something you can buy, ex: 100 coins (1 coin=1 min) for tag>Noob, 100.000 coins for tag>1337, etc
Since this is for supporter we could give some names we would like and we would only have to create a group for the names and a !tag command for supporters, which I think is less work.

And I agree with

Like 10-12 characters tag, no more

A good idea¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? BAN HIM!!!

Morell says that he has taken note of this suggestion and that he may take a look at this in the future.

Nice :wink:


That would be nice but if every guy wanna change something morell gonna have alot of work and spams in chat