Fun read :smiley:
sorry iam late because my old map ze_mlg_p420 crashed

the new map is old city
map made by ken0bi
map made in 2012 old map 14 mb Old map Link Click Here
textured with new graphics and too many bugs fixed and too many changes with a music and messeges and wolf boss soon
put trigger push to give humans time to escape no prop phys to make zombies run free
light β€”> darkness with rain and custom models and trigger teleport on the start because the zombies and added some cool lights with fog and delete some playerclip There’s more than one way to survive and there is too many changes of the map fixed shadows every thing door closing after defend (and openning again for zombies) secret places and in the future more levels
and items.
by T0bi
but i need to thanks Syoudous
To download the map file: Click here
the map is playable and no bugs if you see any bugs please let your feedback
map size 72 mb with radar background photo every thing you need