Discord bans

Hi since there is no topic for Discord.
Hi i keep getting banned on discord and the admin keeps hiding behind the surface.
Can we get something like sbans for discord for really bitchy admins who cant manage their own shit and put it on rtv guy and feel proud they banned me because they love to hide behind the surface.
Why would anyone get banned for pinging if they just can mute themselves in a server with 2000 people.
Its not the way to ban people if your in a group with 2000 people and get pinged and banned.
This is really become issue these days for me because they keep extending my ban after it expires 7 days the maximum and shit they must have a really low life.
Can someone fix this issue about shitmins who hides behind bans like andy banned banned me 50k minutes for no reason. i suppose its him but hey who am i to blame. anyways i just want this to be put here. u can blame me for whatever u want and sure i deserve bans. but atleast make it accountable with registering it and shit not playing hide & seek

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