[EVENTO] Mapeadores' Novel Prizes Playtesting Experience


DIA DEL EVENTO: 11/02/2018 17:00 CET

Hace ya unos meses que no hacemos un evento y éste domingo va a ser algo distinto, vamos a probar los mapas que han creado los participantes del concurso Novel Prizes for Mapping and Creativity!.

Es un evento en el que podremos disfrutar de nuevos mapas que darán un lavado de cara al panorama actual. Os invitamos a todos a asistir.

It’s been a few months since we made an event and this Sunday will be something different, let’s try the maps that the participants of the Novel Prizes for Mapping and Creativity contest have created!.

It is an event in which we can enjoy new maps that will wash the current panorama. We invite you all to attend.


Hereby we grant the medals:

Mojonero’s mini games map implemented a first-ever voting-based mini games map for ZE! Several escape maps are sprinkled with short games to break the pace and introduce player’s choices, strategies and variation. Sure, the map was buggy throughout the test and has only recently improved, but the idea is fun and the map will surely be polished in no time.

In usual Luffaren fashion, Best Korea proved to be an enormous map with NPCs and bosses to keep the players entertained with its absurdist kowean wegime. Flying soldiers, poopy asses and wah lah lah lah ding dongs keep the map fun, until it inevitably crashes the vscript engine and we tag Luffaren angrily in the #mapping channel.

Telo’s Akala is a straightforward ZE map—pure to form and simple. As a first ever mapping entry, it shows how approachable mapping is for the common fellah and reminds the busybodies that if they want to whine about maps they should just open Hammer and make 'em.

Congratulations to the winners!