Fapescape- ammo misuse

Hi there. Few minutes ago I played the Fapescape map and I was a human during the bossfight in the 4th level. I also carried a ammo item, because no one seemd to have an interest to have it. When the bossfight came, it was told me to use an ammo. I was quite confused, because I thought that ammo is primarily used for hard-defense. Anyway, I have decided to obey and I used it to help the people defending the zombie path. After that I didn´t understand much because of the music, only Telo saying something and Shibo called me a fucking monkey of course, which is right, I agree with that. First of all I would just like to apologize for misunderstanding and misusing the item. In order to be more useful and clever next time I would like to ask you what were the advice, which were told to me if you were there and what was the right thing to do with the item. Thanks and sorry for one more time.


haha you dont have to apologise like this
the advice i tried to give was use ammo for people shooting boss
and to look down on the box when pressing e since looking straight doesnt work


Soz for calling you a donkey haha I did say it was fine as long as you didnt troll tho <3 :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I just thought that giving the ammo to the zombie defenders would be the best option, because zombies always get through. BTW it was a monkey, not donkey! :smiley: