Frost Drake Event

Hello Morell and community of As you know We created a clan and we invited the best players of the CS:GO Mapeadores server. Since the other servers have their own clans of best players, we thought that the Mapeadores server maybe needed a clan as well. Unfortunately we aren’t able to beat the Frostdrake map through the usual time limit that is given , due to the big amount of inexperienced players that is present during the map.
However, we would like to complete the map as a team, with all the members of the clan playing at the same time, as we believe that we are capable of doing so. Therefore we would like to have an Unofficial Event on Thursday the 25th of June at 20:00 (Server Time) and if it’s possible it would be good to have an admin online while we’re playing. Also, We might need to change the map into frostdrake if the current map of the server is something else as well as extend it 2 or 3 times,is it possible ?

Thanks , ZoLiX

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Frostdrake Event FTW! XD

Agree with pride there m8. we need dis event :3


La verdad es que estaría divertido.
Dos clanes unidos contra el dragón!!!

A ver que nos dicen desde administración.

Agree with Pride need to finish this map xD

Agree too! Some servers customise the map with special items, to help finish. But i’m sure that with a majority of great players, this can be done without cheaty tricks!

Well, you forget maybe you have one of the best players on Zombie Escape EU :wink: (jk)

need to finish this map…(


I see no problem in an (unofficial) event if you don’t annoy other players. Try to avoid playing the map before the event so people don’t get tired and if some admin (like Heis) extends it, don’t go over 1 hour.

Heis will be allowed to set the map when the event starts, you will have to talk to him (or other admins) for them to set nextmap.

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I’m in too. I need finish this map ;).

You can count on me;):stuck_out_tongue:

Evil eres tu?

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