[Half-Life 2:Ep2] Alyx (inglés)

[COLOR=#00d600][B]Meet Alyx Vance, daughter of Eli Vance, a scientist within the Black Mesa compound, and Azian Vance, who worked alongside her husband when designing the teleportation system in Black Mesa, and as we all know, that went terribly wrong.[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00d600][B]Born in a sunny Rural environment, she was born to do great things, a resistance leader to bring down the Combine extraterrestrial race, a companion to the extraordinary Gordon Freeman, and a computer hacker who has skills that she has had since she has been a young child, however... someone has always kept an eye on her since the day she was born. Alyx was always a smart and talented kid, her parents found that in her when she was at the young age of 3 years old when she picked up Eli's prototype version of his Gravity Gun, trashing their new apartment in the husky, Suburban real estates of City 11. Eli at this time had received a promotion to the Black Mesa compound in New Mexico, where he had been sent to design a top secret teleportation system which would interact with our world, and the paranormal worlds. A new recruit in the Black Mesa compound, a Dr. Gordon Freeman, a recent MIT graduate of Therotical Physics had been recommended to the job by Gordon's friend: Eli Vance. Gordon... on the first day of his job had volunteered to step inside of a chamber to do the first test run of the top secret teleportation system that Eli and Azian, and the rest of the Black Mesa team were designing. The test went terribly wrong, our world and the alternate worlds had joined together to create hell, Azian, Alyx's mother and a devoted wife to Eli, had passed away within the Black Mesa compound, Alyx and Eli didn't know about this at the time the resonance cascade had happened, they had to fight to stay alive.[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00d600][B]As Alyx had crepped up to become older and older, her talents became more and more noticable, when she was a teenager she fell for an impeccable and flawless Maths student, though he could not see, he had one hell of a brain on him, able to solve very complex algorithims and theories that only the "greats" could solve.[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00d600][B]Life was okay when Gordon saved humanity, but for 2 years when he left us, it had just gotten worse and worse, an alien race named the "combine" had placed an attack on Earth, they wanted Earth as a planet to distribute their ultimate race to everywhere around this planet to rule it all. Eli and Azian moved around a lot, life went down like an airplane one day when the combine had finally invaded Earth, the first attack was in Ravenholm, Alyx was there at the time, the flying shells of headcrabs and combine invaders flying down to Earth at a speeding rate; harming Earth's surface, and some would say that it was ultimately Armaggeddon, we needed Gordon back, and we needed him fast.[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00d600][B]Portal storms raged around Earth, the most gut-wrenching part of the Alyx story of all, the seven hour war. This is when the resistance needed to step up to the combine, and as well as stepping up to Dr. Wallace Breen who was the former head of Black Mesa, and who is now currently the Combine Administrator of Earth. The war was only short, but the damage it did was destruction of most of the Earth's surface.[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00d600][B]So I guess this is where we needed the man with the glasses and the suit back... Alyx, Eli and Dr. Isaac Kleiner, which had also worked on the teleportation system in Black Mesa set out a search for Gordon Freeman, he was humantaties last hope. During this time, Alyx would still begin to build her robot dog, who was surprisngly named: D0G. She was designing computer programs for her father and Dr. Kleiner to replicate the design of the teleporter that was in Black Mesa to help take back what was rightfully ours in the first place: Planet Earth. She would provide assistance for the resistance, going out into the battlefields against the combine, and always, always hoping that just one day, a red letter day would come, and did it come for Alyx? You bet it did. [/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#00d600][B]Featuring an all new score inspired by the original Half-Life soundtrack composed by Kelly Bailey, new maps, models, and story that will be packaged into the mod episodically.[/B][/COLOR]
Tengo que decir que es un proyecto en el que estoy trabajando con gente de habla inglesa, por eso está el texto en inglés. Si veo que el tema tiene aceptación lo traduciré personalmente en español.
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