Hello, apply for my Unbann!




This is a very delicate situation. You (or your brother) have been perma banned from the server due to a level of toxicness that I have not encountered at any point in any point either in real life or in game.This decision was made by the Server Manager following a number of hostile events both in game, on discord, on steam and through other methods of communication. The ONLY person who will be making a decision towards this will be the Server Manager himself.

As of 2 hours ago “one” of you had left rhetoric on peoples profile pages including:

Rcn u Time will come and the C4 Will explode u stupid son of bitch

This behavior is simply unacceptable. Regardless of whether it was you, your brother or whoever, the onus is on you to manage your internet profile and social presence in the community. There has been a severe failure on your part to manage your own private details and as a result have inflicted hours of arguments, insults and personal attacks against multiple levels of the community. Death threats have no place in any community be it online or otherwise. I am sickened by you or your brothers action. You have insulted more than just Morell or RCN in all of this and I feel you owe each and every member of the community that you or your brother have harassed over the last two weeks a sincere apology. There is no excuses for making comments of that nature towards anyone.

Being a supporter of the server is someone who has a long term engagement with the server who wants to help maintain the community and support its ongoing development by assisting with the maintenance fees associated with running a server. The server rules can be found here and is applicable for absolutely everyone who joins a Mapeadores server regardless of the game. Being a supporter does not give leverage to bend the rules under any circumstance.

As I stated above, Morell is the person who will make this decision. I will not be putting a weighted opinion for or against having you unbanned as I am generally a reasonable person. In this scenario tho I am horrified by your actions and some of the rhetoric that has been inflicted on members of this community.This will take more than a simple apology to be resolved.

Whoever whether it was your brother or yourself who made any of those comments towards ANYONE in this community needs to get the proper psychiatric help. The rhetoric I have seen in the last few weeks is that of someone who genuinely needs help. I sincerely hope that your brother (or yourself) can get the sufficient resources available to help you on your way.

Here is some helpful links that could maybe get you on the right track:





First of all its not our “problem” when your brother is using your ACC and insulting all the time People on the Server or in Discord.
For me its a mystery that you have never noticed what your “brother” did all the time i mean it wasnt only like 1 Day or 1 Week started may be 1 month ago.
Well a Sorry is not enough for me to be honest but Morell has to decide. And yes i prefer also psychiatric help for that guy who did this (you or your brother).

Best regardZZZZ




Hard to believe but atleast u see the wrong wish you gl and morell will take care of this

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Hello Skyline,
Well if we check Screenshots or the Chatlog i will make an example, sombody is telling you that you are a noob but your reaction is the thing that is wrong… your telling them instantly that they are sons of bitches and you will kill them and stuff. Man calm down really.
Now you got it a Perm Ban but i thought it was your brother never mind.

(i have to tell him that in German guys you can translate it.)

Skyline hör mir mal zu als ich dich vor 3 Wochen adden wollte und mit dir darüber reden wollte hast du mir gesagt “Stfu i dont need rcn” und da sind so viele Screenshots von dir wie du leute beleidigst denkst du im ernst das ist jetzt einfach so ja ich entschuldige mich und werde entbannt?
Und denkst du im ernst ich nehme das jetzt einfach so an? Du hast über 20x meine Mutter beleidigt du hast mir Drohungen geschickt mit wie das mit der C4 Bombe du hast gesagt das du mich töten wirst.
Über dich könnte ich ein Buch schreiben.
Aber im Endeffekt ist das ja nur ein Spiel oder? Und du hast doch gesagt du brauchst niemanden also akzeptiere es hast dich mit der hälfte der Menschen in der Community zerstritten weil du so ein Sturkopf bist die Rechnung ist jetzt gekommen.
Und noch was mach mal nicht auf unschuldig und sagen ja die anderen haben mich zuerst…

But at least Morell has to decide and you also insulted Morell the Server Manager.

Best RegardZZZZ




Now its not your brother, and they provocate you. Can you stop lying for a moment and take this serious? It’s unfair when you only mention rcn and Morell when you disrespect half on the server included me. I think you need a long time break, because threath one guy in real life its not logic.


Dont unbann me its fine i will not come Over!


Well you cant come over because you are banned.
And nobody said that you will get unbanned at least.


Yes Soo i wont come over to Play on that Server Because im Permabanned.
i also not said i will get unbanned pls read before u say soemthing thnak you