Hello its very important


Hey, I have autism. I currently getting help for it.
I try to stop spamming but zolix smokes alot of cigarettes. his voice is more irritating than my rtv.

I would ask to ungag me so i can play freely as i am a old school ZE ZM player. I play alot on this server and i really like the server only it would be better if im not gagged so i can communicate with nice name and intodadeep and krashkebab. I dont want to disquise myself in a form of a new player but i want to play as RTV/EDGE/EXTEND guy. IM a part of mapeadores as i am PLATINO looking to become DIOS. Im considering to stop playing because of stupid gags and mutes and bans. Please make me happy and atleast ungag me plz so i can communicate in the chat with people.


Troll, spammer and edger why ungag this player? I think you do not deserve it, besides, it seems like you’re making fun with this comment.




Hey RTV GUY, I know how much you like to play in Mapeadores and getting gagged/muted doesn’t make you enjoy the game right? You have been spamming rtv since you first came to the server and you have been warned a countless amount of times to stop spamming but you still did it. You aren’t getting unmute anytime soon but if you promise me that you will stop spamming maybe only then I’ll consider talking to the other admins about your mute.