Hello, may i get unban

Hello everyone!

First of all, English is not my native language, dont be bully me to much, im very shy.

A couple of days ago I went to the server, saw how SoFeX wrote in the chat something like “words that start with the letter “n” are prohibited on our server” or something similar and decided to play a joke. My joke was: “Sofex gay”.

After that SoFeX give me permanent chat ban. It was not personal insult, i`m often write that “%playername% gay” and usually no one was offended, even admuns. After few minutes he unban me, so I thought it was okay, I didn’t talk to him or insult him anymore. But now i’m again cant use chat for saying, that someone is gay.

I`m feel very sad about that.

I wanted to write to SoFeX personally in discord and ask him to solve problem, but now he is not online in the discord and he rarely logs into the server, so I decided to write on the forum. In addition, the discord for some reason crushes when I open private messages.

Anyway, I apologize to SoFeX for the insults brought to him and ask admuns for unban and permission to be able write in chat. I pledge not to offend SoFeX or hurt his feelings anymore. If I was Sum Sum, I would say, “Man… I swear”.


Your baboon.

You were ungaged after 5 minutes, so check once more. If not pm in discord and today at evening I will come and ungag you

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