Helper Application


Hello, my name is Sonicd71 and I would like to apply for Helper!

Name: Sonicd71
Age: 16

The reason I want to become a Helper is because I would like to help people that do not know
anything about the server and / or does not know how zombie survival works.

The microphone spamming and other weird things people scream in the server is inappopriate and needs to be muted and / or kicked if needed.

I am mostly online in the weekends and sometimes mid week (I still have school).

This is my application for Helper! :slight_smile:
Cya in the server


btw are you a Free2play User ? Just Curious


No, i am not


hope you checked the Link i gave you because theres some Points missing in your Application, for example the amount of hours you’ve spent on the Server.
I hope i didnt offend you in anyway witht eh f2p Question, i wish you best Lucks for your App. if you write a New one.
(btw im not sure if these Requirements are up to date so you probaly should ask Someone that knows about it).