Hoo i typed rtv and nothing happened :o!

Hi there,
Just creating this post to supply my feedback on the rtv system of the KZ server and issues that it bring up.

First, the fact we need 100% of people typing rtv is an excellent thing, that prevent people wasting you a run on a long map what’s really nice.
But the problem comes with afk peoples, when someone is afk we can’t literally change the map :frowning:

So, how overcome this issue ?
Maybe use an afk system that switch people to spec after a long inactive time (10 min seems good ?) and make only the peoples in team counted in the rtv poll summon.



an anti afk system just like in ze as Li-ion said. Good idea

hoo! I typed rtv and my viptime increased -Teno 2017

  • KZ Global timer, we used to see them back then, it’s really nice to know how far we are from top players