How to choose and remove gman skin?

Hello. I tried to remove my support skin to use the vip skin.
But when i do “quitar skin”, i have the gman skin…

My question is simple: how do you remove it?
Also, i don’t remember what’s the command to select it…

Thx bro.

I need to change this.

Thx Morell, again.
Also how you select it? !huntsman, !gman?
Skins are stored in a cookie? (Maybe I can edit it then)


Still have the same problem. So can’t use the new skins…

I think I’ve fixed it, but you have to wait to the next round.

Ok. That’s fixed.

Now i have the same problem as Unorth, supporter skin is overriding the default skin at the start of the round…
I can use the default skin by switching the class at the start of the round, as a workaround. I will create a bind for this.

Maybe an option in skin and colors menu to remove them could be great :wink: