"Hypercrolling" alert when you're not using any sort of "hyperscroll"

Hi, in the beginning of each Zombie Escape Maps, at the very start, as soon as I start to bhop with mwheel and do successful consecutive jumps, I’m getting movement restrict wich is extremely frustrating, because I DON’T USE ANY external software/hack or whatever that could give me an advantage, I’m just using the mousewheel on a zowie EC1-A mice.

I don’t get why i’m the only one getting slowed down to death when I can see comrades bhopin’ the hella fast (sometimes even faster and consistent when directly compared to me). Please admins/servers managers, don’t be paranoic to trust that weird auto flag.

Finally that auto server flag doesn’t seems on point since after the first hyperscroll alert, i can bhop ON THE WHOLE GAME with no interruptions until the next map change.

Please I love playing on this server but not being able to optimize those negev reloads/or see others players getting no restrictions is sooooo frustrating, this plugin need to be reworked !

You know what? I agree. I think annoying the player is bullshit. I think we’ll go ahead and remove the annoyance soon.

However, there isn’t anything really wrong with it in itself. You’re unfortunately making too many suspicious like bhops that make it appear as hyperscrolling. The good kind of outweighs the bad in this kind of scenario. It’s very hard to find a clear balance of who’s doing what exactly. It’s the same type of accusations we have to deal with when people are “hacking” on our end. We’ll remove the annoyance though. I think some can agree it’s annoying.