I have been "mute-ban" for a big while


Hola, first i’m sorry my spanish is verry bad so it’s will be in english , perdon.

I have been ban from speaking in the microphone when i was starting to play on your ZombieEscape CS:GO server , and i don’t know why.
Ahora , I have more than 50 houres ( i’m waiting to have the bronce vip) on your server and i would like to be unban to be more “teamplay” with the others. I usually don’t spam mic or spam music i try to be as respectful as possible.

Here my steam ID : STEAM_0:0:139722210

Please accept, Madam / Sir, my regards.


If I am not mistaken, for today issued several warnings to different people.
All these people did not want to behave adequately, as a result of which they all received mute.
There is an assumption that you are one of those people who spoke their native language in the microphone, given that the server is allowed to speak only English and Spanish in voice chat


Hello again,

I see. You are right, I surely spoke my native language in the microphone it’s my mistake and i regret it. :frowning:
Can I do something to forgive my mistake ? As i said i have a lot of time on your server and now i know almost perfect the policy about voice chat and text chat.


In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the administrator said that he would fix the time of your mute. You should probably wait for the chief administrator, and he’ll handle it. The important thing is that, in fact, the breach is not as serious as it might be. So I think the problem will be exhausted in the near future.
summon Morell
sorry for my english. i am from russia(((9


iirc it was rcn who muted you for as you said speaking your native language which you was warned by myself and rcn about(countless times). i didnt see the mute but rcn did say it was a mistake and was only meant to be a short mute.


Most likely it is necessary to wait Morell, because what I saw was issued by mutes through the standard function sourcemod. And administrators, in general, issue mutes through a special plugin which specifies the time (well, and reason). Apparently this administrator hurried.


No record of your steam id being banned. We do have a blacklist of IP ranges that automatically mute certain regions due to prior correlation with mic infringements. Certain regions are included in this blacklist. Once reaching 50 hours and achieving Bronze VIP this blacklist is automatically lifted. If you have achieved 50 hours, please type !tiempovip in game. Screenshot your number of hours and post it on the VIP thread along with your steam id.

Please bare in mind, this blacklist is nothing personal. Only covers areas with low English/Spanish rates where there is a repeat number of players who decide to speak there native on microphones and do not listen to the administrators to keep it in text only.




I understand , thanks to all of you for these informations.
I have already send my screenshot of the !tiempovip on the specific thread with my steam ID.
I will just wait , thanks again. :slight_smile:



Im sorry i thought it was only 30min mute.
I will remove it.

best reg.

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