i want to report admin (kid)


First he muted me for 24 hours without reason Although many players were speaking
And he wrote in the reason “Fuck off” What is this insolence and lack of respect ?

When I spoke to him in the chat he insulted me and he banned me for a week without a reason, Even though he is the person who cursed the other

This person is very rude. And authoritarian I hope the owner of the server take a action


It’s me, your best friend. First off, you were banned cus you kept screaming alluha akbar or something alike in the mic while I had already warned twice, hence the mute. You then started rambling about reporting me, so I told you you can try your best, as you have shown here. You then told me you maybe not get me banned, but you would at least get me irl, so naturally I don’t take that kinda shite and that’s why you’re banned. Easy enough, right?


This isn’t even the full story, no way Fallen can just straight ban with that kind of reason, and if you check the discord chat in ze_talk Fallen wrote that you threat him by getting revenge on him irl? Pretty damn stupid of you, the ban is 24 hours though so be patient just for a day and you’ll be back in the server. Just remember if keep doing the same things again the ban is gonna be longer.


Oh, and just get on the mapeadores Discord. Nobody uses this forum anymore.