I want to show the world what a real mod looks like

I would be respectful and loving to each and every member.

I have a total of 43 minutes playing on ZE servers (not mapeadores).

I am a good guy.

I am really good with flash grenades.

I don’t like ZE but can be convinced.

Give me a chance and I think I can make this league professional.

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This guy really sounds like he knows what he is talking about. +1 from me

+1 this guy will show us the world

I want to see the world burn. +1

-1 sorry but it didn’t convince me…

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+1 let em know man, let em know

Still here in case you all need a chad to rule all chads. Now have an accumulated time in ZE of 1 hr and 33 seconds.

You truly sound like my government public service work hours.