Improvement in free vip diamante

´´VIP DIAMANTE: Se requiere: 750 Horas Jugadas.´´

in my opinion getting a new color for your playermodel is a very discouraging reward for anyone who has played for 750 hours on the server.
I think you should consider adding a new playermodel in place, this one for example: https: //

the player’s life could also be increased to 140


All those 750 Hours played are farmed by macros. Yes this player “Skulled” use macros to farm hours in the server while he’s AFK. He’s been doing it for days.
Proof :


I have 732hours of true playing don’t unrespect me by saying “all” plz :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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sorry if 50 of my 500 hours were achieved while i slept