Increased capacity


Can we have a increased capacity, for example up to 64 players on the ze_server?




would be nice and good but i dont see that happen anytime soon


That will be awesome, yeah, but i think they can’t if you make a server with 6o players u can’t change the number


The capacity is currently 64 slots, but the 4 remaining ones are reserved for Supporters and admins.


Although it is as Krash says, there is a technical reason behind it. When the server is full, reserved slots don’t work because the game doesn’t let you join. Furthermore, if a player with reserved slots wants to join and the server is almost full, a normal player has to be kicked, often times midgame, and that’s very annoying for players. The current ‘window’ of locked slots doesn’t usually turn annoying, but perhaps we could try to make some changes to have some extra visible slots.


Hemos aumentado 2 slots al servidor, si vemos que este cambio supongo demasiados kicks cuando entran jugadores con slot reservado se revertirá el cambio.

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