Is there any english Admin application/translation?

Can someone please translate the forum a little bit into english? it will help alot of people and no google translate cant translate it correctly.

btw. where can i find the requirement for being a admin on zombie escape (in english please)


We’re not currently looking for admins, but maybe, in a few weeks, we can be interested in a non Spanish admin. We’ll post the requirements in English soon.
About the forum, you can paste the url ( in the Google translator to browse it in English or any language.

Below the Paypal button, you can translate the forum.

It is very difficult to have admins all the time.

Why do u need admins in a ZE server?

I agree that it could be fine to have an english admin

Use your web browser to translate instead of keep copy pasting every sentences into google translate, even if the sentence is in a wrong format; you can kinda get what they are saying. People are busy you know, such as college/jobs takes over, unlike high-school days where you were on 10 hrs a day :). Being a full time student in college , so i can’t always be on. Also I don’t know about EU but in USA there are mid terms around this month, so everyone is busy doing that.