join the team



Name of Player: DJ | Gandalf[/INDENT]

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:44779567

How many hours do you have on the server? Time! Around 900

[INDENT]Do you have Discord installed? How often do you connect to Mapder Discord? Do you have a microphone?
most of the time im online on discord i check the mapadores dic to see if any one is on
yes [/INDENT]

no one told me, join it after i was looking for a ze server

i would love to join the team and help out in any way i can

[INDENT]Why should we count on you? What can you bring?

i playd on the server a couple of years now, allways found it nice, but sometimes when there is no admin on it can get a bit hefty, and since i playd alot in the off houres if think i be able to help out there if some mic spammers or anything comes around, i speak danish and english, and since i some time see danish ppl talking shit in danish i help out in that way, i have also been admin on some danish servers for some years.


How old are you? 21

i have been admin on a couple of danish DM servers, and some jailbreak so i have some knowledge

[SIZE=11px] [/SIZE]


+1 old player, good to the community and nice guy overall


i think gandalf would be a good guy to have on the team since i know him and he’s a nice guy and would for sure be able to help when no admisn are on and yes he played here for years now and trusted (not sure if we are too many admins now) but if there’s space he will for sure be helpfull


Welcome to the admin team.