KZ server instead of PREY server

Hello guys,

As we were discussing some people on telegram, I make a suggestion to think about change the PREY server to another kind of mod server. I propose KZ climb mod.

Prey server is mostly 99% empty, I think it doesn´t make sense to keep it that way…

Some of ZE people play KZ (DRS, unorth, acme, jakka, hooka, players, bukkake, ordiaxer, hichatu, astor… etc etc) also this kind of mod don´t need full server to play.

We could support and help mapeadores about kztimer mod and some config needed

For them who don’t know what is KZ climb mode: the goal is to climb the map, finish it and improve more and more your time. Its a mix between BHOP+LONGJUMPS and movement skills.

With KZ you can also improve your skills for bhop and ZE movements in general.

I give you some YouTube link of some good player playing KZ:




Nice idea

I love kz, aslong as it hasn’t bhop/longjump in it :smiley:

I think it is a really good idea, I think many mapeadores players would love it as a place to chill now and then, right now we use house of climb. But could be sweet if mapeadores had its own kz server. Another thing is its very easy to implement. There is a plugin on github called KZ Timer which is the one everyone uses including house of climb servers, its update frequently and has good help on the forums: [HTML][/HTML]The plugin is here: [HTML][/HTML]

Rokon: I have never seen any kz map without an lj or bhop in it, if there is its gotta be a super ez one. But yeah we can add both harder and easier kz maps so there is something for everyones liking, also so its not only tryhard kz :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sry I dunno how to make it so the url is a link in the post xD, so now its html code :DDD

The older maps, I played kz since cs 1.6 or 1.3 (not sure)
They never had it, it was about corner jumps, 180 jumps, …

But as I see, not having bhop or longjump seems unusual in the current kz.
Seems like I’m the only one that wouldn’t like it, so what I said can be ignored I guess. :slight_smile:

But u can still enjoy corner jumps and 180 jumps, there are plenty of those… JUST DO IT :smiley:

The fun is in beating the map!

bhop instead of kz

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olivera…obviously people will say his personal preference, tell positive reasons for choosing a bhop server…
just saying prey server its a nonsense right now. we could think on some mod the majority of the people will be able to play on mapeadores…

bhop --> i like it too, but only few people will play…
prey–> empty
minigames --> not sure if enough people will play it
Seek and run -->not sure if enough people will play it
kz–> pretty sure ppl will play

Mapeadores has a dedicated server so there is no need to remove the Prey server (which is used to test most of the stuff that later goes into ZE, anyway). The problem here is not about having more servers, but the effort of maintaining them. Zombie Escape has become more and more demanding (hence why certain ideas that were being developed for Prey had to be delayed) since Valve has decided to make community servers miserable, so the effort needed is larger. As a reminder, there used to be a surf timer server (still listed on the site) that was pretty much empty all the time.

I have talked to Morell since it seems that KZ is easy to set up and there is a reasonable skillset overlap for players, so it makes sense. In order to make this work, however, you have to make sure that:

  • Populating KZ does not hurt the community (and ZE, the main server, in particular).
  • If anything goes wrong on the server, you try to pinpoint what it is and post feedback so it can be addressed.
  • You’re not asshats. Mapeadores works because people are nice, and that removes a lot of administrative burden. Keep it that way.

If/when it is set up, you can suggest things to differentiate Mapeadores’ setup from other servers, if that is even applicable.


I am certain kz might be the most popular alternative to a ze server. Olivera with regards to bhop, there are some pretty challenging and nice bhop segments in some kz maps.
Here is a list of what I believe is the benefits of having a kz server:

  • Its ez to maintain using KZ Timer plugin (I have never made a private server myself, made my first one couple of days ago and copied the KZ timer files over and everything worked fine and dandy. Took me 5-10 mins)
  • People get tired of ze now and then but there is a big community around mapea so many will hang out together, this ensures they have a nice alternative when they need a break from ze. And instead of going to other servers, they stay on mapeadores.
  • It might attract other players to the ze community, from interracting with ze players on the kz server.
  • As mentioned its selfsustainable in the sense that it doesnt need to be populated to be playable.
  • It can improve movement skills in ze
  • There can be a great variety of maps for different skill levels or styles, more bhop vs more lj based climbs.
  • I know several from the community who have already showed interrest.

Only real downsides I see is what Envio mentioned and then also that climb kinda demands 128 tick or at least 102 or what the other tick setting above 100 is. I dunno if that is feasible with the server arrangement that mapeadores have now or not? But normally climb servers dont have as many slots so maybe its no problem.

Btw I dont think u have to be afraid that it takes the playerbase away from ze, cause I think the people who are bored of ze will leave anyways. So if they go on mapeadores kz server instead I guess thats better than somewhere else :slight_smile:

La verdad es que la idea de poner un servidor KZ me parece genial.