Mapeadores' Clunky Clones Contest

After our shortlived mapping mapathon which produced a good amount of enjoyable maps we have been trying to set up a proper contest with prizes and longer time windows.

This is not it.

Consider the varied many maps that exist today. Their different mechanics. Their phenomenal design. All the mapping efforts put into them, to polish, detail and make enjoyable.

Let’s ruin that.

The idea of this little mapping event is to:

  • Build new maps out of copypaste, adding new areas/triggers ONLY when needed to link things.
  • The less new stuff with the more radically different gameplay, the higher ranked a map will be.
  • Have a fun crapfest event in which we play all the copypaste maps that the community produces, as long as they’re playable.

And to rinse the bad taste of Mama Kowama’s lack of prizes (I wonder who was in charge of making a prize-map :thinking:), we will have prizes for the map with the most radical, enjoyable departure from the original maps. My idea, unless Mr. Boringpants Morell ruins it, is that the winner will get 3 months of supporter, while the runner up will get one month! Of course, any map that is enjoyable on its own will be added to rotation, so you can apply for mapper status as well.

The scoring will be based on how creative you get given the source material. Of course, things as teleports, nukes or triggers will not have much impact on the decision, but the more you stick with what you have while building something different the better. In particular, this comes to messing with entity properties, abusing rotation, scale and translation, inverting gameplay flows, etc.

Maps will be tested on a big server event, just like we did with Mama Kowama. For maps to be easily recognisable, we will prefix them all with ‘ze_ccc’, after the three Cs in the contest’s name. If, say, you mix Mako and Predator, your map shall be ‘ze_ccc_predako_realtimate’. To participate, you must upload your map and post it into this thread before October 9th spanish time.

To help you out, we have compiled a few .vmfs from classic maps to get you going. Of course, this is neither comprehensive nor full, and you have to deal with custom materials yourself. Furthermore, you can use any of my maps as well, which I have not included because they’re larger and more involved but you can freely decompile. You can use BspSource to decompile and extract custom content from maps (remember to contact the mappers if you are not sure about permission!).

Link to the VMFs:
Link to BspSource:

Furthermore, some fellows have suggested using Markov Chains to come up with the name of your map. You can mess around with that here:

Have fun copy-paste mapping!









Im not late I promise


On behalf of Qazlll456 since he couldn’t compile his map:
ze_ccc_aec_ep9or1ww1_beta5 :

Hello Mapeadores community, I know this entry is late too for the contest but I still want it to be play-tested on the server, even if this entry is too late for the contest. Here’s the link:

The password is: GABEN
La contraseña es: GABEN