Mapeadores Grand re-opening on CS2

The server is re-opening on CS2! Come join the launch event this friday and play some maps.

How to join:

  • connect in console! Or use the Steam Server browser and add us to your favorites!

That’s it! The Steam Workshop will automatically download all maps for you, this was the vital last step needed for opening the server.

If you wish to pre-download maps:

The server is still very bare-bones, but more will be added as time goes on!

(We recommend deleting the old assets downloaded during the tests, to prevent any potential conflicts and to free up your disk space!)


LETSSS GOOO. Time for Squid Games… I mean “good maps” :grin:

Any predictions for the definitive opening of the server??

why? server is up and we have players.

I’ve tried the server and I think CS2 sign the end of good old school Zombie Mapeadores. Sooooo sad :frowning:

we will work to obtain a similar experience