Mapeadores' Official Novel Prizes for Mapping and Creativity



Mapeadores’ Official

Novel Prizes for Mapping and Creativity!

Some time has passed since our last mapping event, in which mappers tried their luck attempting to
create new things out of copypaste. As we have kept going with out events, the interest in mapping has grown, and now more than ever new people want to jump into the game!

To encourage them to take that final step and help the community at large by producing new content, Mapeadores is going to host our own Novel prizes for Mapping and Creativity! We want to give these people who have never mapped the final push they need to get going in Hammer and create something truly fun that everyone can enjoy.

The idea is simple: create a map, any map, in a simple play style that you manage to finish. [B]Every mapper who releases a map for the first time will receive one full month of supporter if the map is added to rotation[/B], and it will not matter if there are 8 or 80 submissions. If you manage to entertain the server, [B]you will get the first Novel prize: for mapping![/B]

Furthermore, we want to also help mappers feel accomplished for what they make! Because of this, mappers of the two best maps as carefully judged on grounds of creativity, gameplay, design and effort will get a whooping 3 months of supporter for the Novel prizes of Creativity and Enjoyment!

Alright, I know this is already getting you pumped — how are we going to do this? Simple! You just need to create a map and submit it before the deadline:

All maps will be tested locally by us, providing feedback, and then on the server. Since we are expecting a good amount of submissions from people giving it a go on the holidays, we will test the maps in groups. Submissions should be sent privately on Mapeadores’ Discord to Syoudous[/USER], @Morell or myself, so that everybody gets to see them together, at the same time, with no surprises!

Now, I know: what could I map? Ideas are pretty hard to come by! Well, if you are in the need of ideas, consider the following:

  • How about a map like ATIX, but twisting the way it works to add more interaction between teams?
  • Imagine a Voodoo Island styled map in which the holds change over time: crates break, walls fall, difficulty increases!
  • A city at night. A helicopter in the distance. Ramps, holds and antennas you need to trigger. A new rooftop runaway!
  • Deep space. The gravity is low and the zombies fly high! Whack their brains with a shotgun on the deadliest spaceship!

And with nothing else to say, let’s rock’n roll!


hoho really nice, christmas based or not necessary??

btw, if someone need a noobish help to start on hammer join discord channel or ask some of people.


No theme is enforced, just keep it simple and finish it, my dudes!


Are there any restrictions on what we can’t do? Can it be 50 minutes long? 30 seconds long? pg 13?

Cool event though, looks like it’ll be fun to test all the maps at the end!


awesome. hopefully we get some new mappers and some fun maps from this


good shit, a new atix is exactly what we need!


For your shake, it’d be better if you focus on short and fun. If you are capable of pulling off a long-ish map that people enjoy, props to you. Obviously, it should be long enough to be enjoyable as well, so 2 minute long maps might not be the best fit — but if they’re fun, perhaps by having many different random scenarios, they’d be fine as well.

Yeah, it’s not as useful as whining from kids that ride the short bus.


Sounds Good!


Buena idea, no soy mapeador y creo que nunca mapeare , pero me gustaria aportar una idea que quizas a alguien le puede gustar, ¿ que tal un Random que se pueda ganar?, ya que que es un mapa que se juega mucho y es divertido y despues de tres mini-mapas es muy dificil derrotar al boss.
Jugamos para ganar y en el caso de dicho mapa ganar roza lo imposible.


We are going to extend the deadline due to popular demand. Up until the 10th of February. As a reminder, Luffaren will get whacked if he does not deliver on his promise:


first :wink:





Password-protected, diddled Syo behind the curtains


This is probably all sorts of fucked up. We’ll have fun tomorrow.