Mapeadores Zombie Apocalypse Contest!

Mapeadores Zombie Apocalypse Contest!
Create a map where a feasible zombie apocalypse could take place! Focus on the human vs zombie gameplay, which means no greymaps, cheap item spam, lasers, or other mechanics that can distract survivors from the looming zombie horde… Create a unique world for your map!
• Gameplay is key: build a map around both humans and zombies having fun, in environments where both can skillfully outsmart the other team!
• Size doesn’t always matter! Focus on making shorter, more exciting maps over longer sloggish maps with multiple stages. Intensive action rather than 60 minute round timers!
• Avoid stale mechanics that deter from the infection action! That means no items, lasers, surf, or other gimmicks that takes the player away from the apocalypse.
• Innovate your way outta that hold! Don’t just make a hold-a-thon — driveable vehicles, pickable keys, evolving holds and everything in between are all fair game to keep human vs zombie action fresh and fun!
• Aesthetics matter! Build an immersive world that any human would like to get chopped to pieces into, or be among the few survivors of the human race!

•The map must contain the contest banner, or your own custom version of it (as long as it has the relevant name & sponsor information).
•The map must be under 150MB uncompressed.
•The map must not crash, nor need any additional plugins to function (Stripper configs are OK, but your map will be marked down if a stripper is needed).
•You cannot use existing maps, the map must be made from scratch.
•Submissions must be public for every server to access, uploaded to GameBanana and specified it was uploaded as a contest submission.
•Team submissions are allowed.

Prizes ($1000 total):
1st Place - $350
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $150

Best Up-And-Coming Mapper: $150
Most Innovative Runner Up: $50
Best Aesthetic Runner Up: $50

NOW to 15th October 2022

Contest Discord: