Mapping For Black Mesa: Classic (English)

Greetings, Well, I introduce myself, I am Neftall, modder of Half-Life and other Goldsrc games, I am also Manager of relations, marketing and community in the project under development “Black Mesa: Classic”. (Apologize if I lacks in English)


Basically the project is a Black Mesa Demake to the Goldsrc engine, not only in design and visual, we also have new dynamics, AI improvements, a new code, and many new features, It is planned to be an alternative to the original Half-Life , or that allows all users in the community to play Black Mesa on any PC.

Among the new features are:

Sprinting animations for all weapons.

Draw first when you get a new weapon.

Improved AI for NPCs.

Non-repetitive variants of NPCs such as security guards, military and scientists.

Ironsight in the Magnum. 357.

Mapping similar to Black Mesa.

All this while maintaining a classic Half-Life style however, an HD expansion pack is being designed as well.



I have come here to inform you that our progress has been very good, but we need more mappers, To speed up the process, So I wanted to ask in this community, If someone is interested in helping us, if you accept, you can work the chapter you want, or at least to make the structure of the levels (No details.), The project is Goldsrc and the mapping does not seek to be so complex, Please, if you are interested, comment here and leave me your Discord id to have better communication, Just in case, I also leave my id here.

<- Neftall -> # 6645

The project is entirely voluntary, however, project members are subject to receiving any donation from the community.

Help speed up the process guys! They are an important part of the community ^^

The project needs you!


You can see the project on our Moddb site:

I await your answers ^^

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