We have had many discussions about trolling with items and map-related systems, and throughout them we discussed how to solve them. After a few months in the making, we are releasing a first version of our solution: [B]MapTrack[/B].

MapTrack allows admins to know who interacts with anything in a map, at any point in time, with a simple interface. It records item-related information, but can also hook arbitrary entities: from the button that triggers the trap to kill teammates to the puzzle that needs to be solved fast. It allows to create events associated with actions, so that positive behaviour can also be automatically rewarded.

As it stands, two commands exist. They are accessible to admins for now, but they may be accessible for others later:

  • !track (or /track): toggle information tracking to chat.
  • !hud (or /hud): toggle item status display.

Beyond this, it features an extended leaderboard based UI, public to all. This could devolve in witch hunting, but it will stay as long as the community behaves.

However, this is not all: it features a simplified configuration system so that anyone can help us create configs. This is done through a series of commands, restricted for now, that let users access map information so the community can contribute in setting things up.

The event system paves the way for ideas we have yet to develop. As a snapshot, however, it can be used to create rank score bonuses associated with in-map events. For example, if you take some risks for your team, speed run to trigger actions or discover secrets, you will be rewarded with a boost in rank score. All rank events, including map-based ones, can be found here. This is only a prototype of something larger to come.

MapTrack imposes nothing on mappers and simplifies their life if they want to make use of it. It keeps tracks of player activity in maps without clutter. Configuring it is not a chore. When it is polished, it will be released for everybody to be able to use it.

A new system is useful only if it fits what people want. So far, MapTrack supports the following maps:

ze_30_seconds__b21_p2 ze_alien_mountain_escape_p3 ze_ATIX_apocalypse_p3 ze_Bathroom_v2_5 ze_christmas_infection_p2 ze_fapescape_p5 ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3 ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_p8 ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_10 ze_isla_nublar_p3 ze_licciana_escape_p ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_3d ze_paper_escaper_p7 ze_Parking_p4 ze_Pirates_Port_Royal_v5_6 ze_platformer_b6 ze_Predator_Ultimate_p7 ze_rizomata_a44 ze_rizomata_b43 ze_sandstorm_go_v1_3 ze_santassination_v3 ze_ShroomForest2_p6 ze_ShroomForest_p6 ze_sky_athletic_adv_v9_9 ze_tesv_skyrim_v5_6 ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_12

Not every map is supported. Not every action is covered. Any map suggestion you have is welcome, from challenging actions to reward to situations in which logging is needed.


Beyond this, it features an extended leaderboard based UI, public to all. This could devolve in witch hunting, but it will stay as long as the community behaves

Finally thanks.
Suggestion: ze_roof_adventure_v6


Someone post a screenie.



Is it going to include item cd timers?

Gran trabajo!


It’s good to hear about some progress in this area.

Buddhawatch/Zeuswatch for ze_tilex_ultimate
It sounds like this plugin could likely make it possible to have a “Buddhawatch” for ze_tilex_ultimate. This is something that people have been talking about quite often. The thing is that at the level 5 of the map (played most frequently because of bosses and being the last level before the RTV level) there is a box with a figure that people call Buddha. Shooting it can be used for trolling/griefing, because every time somebody does it a fire spawns beneath him that hurts badly anybody standing on it (running through it). So it would be useful if admins could see who is shooting the “Buddha”.

The so called “Buddha” is a func_breakable entity that is actually called “stage5_zeus”. So in reality it’s Zeus, not Buddha. =)


(Polars picture lol)
At the leaderbord on top u can see it and left of you will say llevas = holding


A lot of people had been requesting this so i think it’s a good addition,props for the work you put into it.


Plugin already has this available on Tilex.


I skipped over the map because it was a bit sketchy. I did try and add support for it though out of a reasonable request. It should be active now.

Support for this was added and works well.


It’s strange, but I did not have any messages from maptrack in the chat.
im type !track in chat already


It’s admin only currently


It’s currently admin only
From Envi: “As it stands, two commands exist. They are accessible to admins for now, but they may be accessible for others later”


Interesting. The most interesting thing is that when writing these commands, I’m told that they are on or off.
Usually when any commands are restricted - and writes that there is no access. And here everything is vice versa.


The commands are available to all, but the printing is restricted. For !hud, this is so normal players can access the single player hud (you own ‘item name’). For !track, it’s for potential changes in the future. As it stands, !track only toggles your preferences, but tracking messages work alongside your admin access so you don’t get to see anything.

I will be rolling an update adding at least one public feature soon, and perhaps some degree of single player tracking.