Mirs ban hmmm

Hello guys,
my headphones broke and i have no sound …
we were playing pirates, barbossa throws bomb to the door, i get away from the bomb, no one defends, i dont hear zombo and zombie kills me. thas not trolling.
when i troll i accept the ban, but my troll is for everyone to have fun, otherwise its always the same bhopers that get items and dont share with new players. Everyone should focus on having fun instead of winning the same maps a million times.
I placed a wall in the last hold, cts still won, some died… i bet that those who died learned a lesson to fall back in time and died happy. Is this reason for 12m ban?

Love u all

Will give you the benefit of the doubt for this one. You are unbanned now. Dont troll even if you think its to have fun. Others might think different. Just dont do and there wont be any problems in the future.