Music Issue on Mapeadores ZE Server


To whomever it may concern:

I dunno what update did this but the music is cancer at the server atm. It doesnt stay permanently deactivated when u type !stopmusic like it used to, I have to turn it off and on again at every round. Also some music I cant remove, and have turned everything off in my csgo settings. A lot of people are annoyed by it. An example of a map with music that wont be turned off is predator at boss fight level 1…

I think it lowers the experience and interaction with the community cause u cant communicate over voip in the server when music is spamming. Imo u should be able to turn off all sounds but voice, I think that would be awesome. Like also zombies getting hit by projectiles and your own bullet sound. But the worst thing rn is the music changes, I really hope its something you guys will consider fixing and can be fixed. :slight_smile:

So maybe you have already been notified by others, but im just posting it to make sure the issue is raised. Have a nice day, thanks :slight_smile:



DownRankService Ltd From now on there is the command !stopsong


this issues has been fixed by Enviolinador check Discord for update about this