Nice Admin Rules [Syoudous] 3d mute ban

i’ve started 2015 in this server , Syoudous mute ban me 3 day , i say only " i hope we never play again this map " when the map ending , and i was screaming , after he get mute me 3 day , this is good reason ? people get racist 30 minute ban , people spamming mic 30 minute ban , old player say " hope never play again this map" he mute ban me 3 day , admin is admin rules is rules yes ?

All Admin’s get 30 minute , this admin get 3 day , this is not fair for Mepadores Family.

I dont need unmute , i just say “a disrespect to old players”.

Screenshot :

Your image is not working, but I will reply anyway since I was the one to do the action.

You were muted, yes. You’ve done this before in the past. Usually on map ends. It’s not your first time, it’s not your last clearly. While some moments can be funny, some can be really obnoxious and unneeded. Yours falls under the latter. You were being loud on the mic and continuously ranting for a couple of seconds. While you were blabbering away, I did give you a partial reason.

History as well also tells a story this is not your first time being muted. Permanently muting was just to mute you before the map ended. Like people whistling, being loud, playing music and whatever else just to “get the last word in”. It’s not very pleasant.

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5 years 15 mute ,10 mute is fun for admin’s , if you see my history i get mic spam just 3 mute ban only 30 minute , whatever you right ok your rules your game , whistling, being loud, playing music i hope all admin’s mute 3 day players like you.

i hope all admin’s mute 3 day players like you.

Not all players repeat the same thing as you do. I was aware of your shenanigans before, which I thought warranted the mute. I think the mute itself is still fair. As I said before, just chill and cool it. The attitude goes nowhere. Even players were getting annoyed by it immediately from the chat.

well he was clearly screaming for attention … now he won 3 days worth of it