Payment Method

Hello Team,

My name is haider and my request is to get supporter on server but my country have restricted PAYPAL so may I know other methods
I’ve been playing this server since 2nd January 2019 but I can’t get supporter due to payment method if you accept this request I’ll be thankful to you

There are sadly no other Methods than Paypal accepted

get an overseas friend to buy it for u

Bro I got no friends on mapeadores or in steam to buy me

If i were you id just give up really but if you really want to get this stuff the only thing that actually might help you is a VPN i suppose. I could be wrong but i did that stuff for my steam since my country shit and banned csgo cases.

I could buy it for you, you could get me a digital gift card on steam so we are even if it works for you.

Wat country you’re in ? I could help you maybe