Permanent gag appeal (English only please, I don't understand spanish)

Hi, I am gagged permanently for spamming a lot in the server chat asking people to nominate/vote the maps that I want to play. I was gagged on 8 September 2018. I want to apologize for all the spamming that I did in the past, I know that it is really annoying. I want to apologize for what I did and I have learnt my mistakes ever since I was gagged permanently, and since this was my first permanent gag and it has been approximately more than 2 months (almost 3 months) since I got gagged permanently, I hope that I can be ungagged. Thanks for reading.

Hey Weiyuan, It is up to Syoudous if he wants to ungag you but you were still spamming after being warned by an Admin not only once and yet you still continue to spam.

But I have already learnt my mistakes and my punishment has been like 2 months+, what’s more important is that I learnt my mistakes and won’t spam anymore in server chat. So please consider ungagging me. Thanks.

Ungag me now and if I spam again in server chat, you can always perm gag me again (and I won’t be able to appeal my perm gag anymore). Kind of like a probation for me.

Hello FrodoBangings, two or three years ago you put me a permanent mute for spamming, you could take it away from me, I’m not spammer anymore