Please, fix it or I'll have to learn how to do it

It all started today when I was running and fearing for my life. In the background, I see a zombie coming towards me like a demon, and to my surprise ofc it’s bunnyhopping …This really spoiled the experience and the fun I should be having in the game. I understand that every player has their own style, but when it crosses the line from fair play and becomes a frustrating experience for others, action needs to be taken. Please consider taking measures against those who abuse game mechanics in this way.


Dima por que ? Sounds like skill issue to me. Viva Bhopper xD

Hello my friend!

After many hours by many years of playing, I am also not able to bunnyhop properly and probably never will. However, I do have 3 tips to fix your problem.

  1. Use bizon! Not sure if you already use Bizon or not, but if not --> USE BIZON!!

  2. Backpaddle. Never (!) forget to cover your anus! Back paddling is more hard using negev, so that is why you use bizon!

  3. Love your anus! If you love and care for your anus, you will automatically do the above 2 mentioned pointers!

Hope this helps!

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