Please help ! i can't Crouch+Jump in Human anymore

I dont know why many days ago i can’t Crouch + Jump over the box in Human anymore, with Zombie is still Ok… i delete and install again but still can’t crouch + jump… i played in this server 2 years ago and have no problem…anyone meet this trouble ?

I had this issue on santaassasination when going to socrates, I assumed it was because an item scuffed me. Are you sure you are getting the timing down for the crouch jump?
You could try making a jump crouch bind to see if it is a bug Never Miss Your Duckjump Again Duck Jump Keybind - CS:GO Tips and Tricks #7 + Giveaway Results! - YouTube

i tried that code and still not work… i think it’s bug, just got this problem a week ago :frowning:

Is it on any specific map or is it on all? Are you sure that you are holding crouch the entire time and jumping before you fully crouch?

Ice cap, Escape horizon… i think all map, can jump only low boxes… Yes i hold crouch entire time… i played normally for 2 years… just got that bug recently… i tried on my laptop and still can’t crouch jump… maybe i will try delete Steam and setup again or create a new account :expressionless:

man i had this shit, couldn’t jump on defense on lights from pipes for months… then i got new videocard and bug dissapeared… this maybe have something to do with fps and other performance issues…
I propose for you to delete and reinstall drivers for your videocard and also try to clean your pc up…many tips you can found on cs go tutorials on steam

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Crouch + Jump, crouch jumping is a mechanic in CS:GO and well… doesn’t normally teach you as it should that it’s there. Perhaps if you were VIP or Supporter, your class may have been reset. Because you’re a ‘regular’ some very minor perks help put ease around this. If this is the case for either or, type !zclass. Our database went down and is still actively down so maybe things got reset unfortunately on your end.

Check if your keyboard has ghosting, some shitty keyboard can’t register multiple keys pressed at once.
you can test keyboard ghosting here Keyboard Ghosting Demonstration

Alternatively just use a crouch bind instead if nothing works for you.

alias +duckjump “+jump; +duck”; alias -duckjump “-jump; -duck”; bind “SPACE” “+duckjump”

Change the skin. One of the standard skins (marine negro if i remember correctly) has issues on jumping over certain boxes.