Polat insulting!

Hello. I am complaining about the Polat admin that is constantly insulting people. People can confirm his behavior. He did not do this before. How he got the admin insults it, a nightmare.

Thanks for that Kappirano.

You have right to do that and give your suggestion too if you have any.

I actually did not give mute this time, you just got warning, and you know its not allowed to spam on the mic or talk over the leader when he is leading.
But you did, you started to count on the mic from 10 to 1 when I was explaining to the team what is gonna happent after the elevator.

Also is it not the first time you do that.

let’s look on the some things you did, and you still doing it

  1. Fake report

  2. Telling to people to rtv when you became zm, or sometimes you tell them to panic like you did on pirate and all the team get killed because of it.

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Polat Alemdar did anybody say ELEVATOR GUY?=!!! ok jk sorry …

  • but for real tho i’ve seen Kappirano do this few times but it was never to any harm and him saying “panic” usually happens when the team is dead anyways and its simply a way to make things more “fun” and also about the coundown i really don’t think it was intended to provoke you in any way. next time just ask him to wait for you to finish your line and i’m sure things will turn out better for both of you!
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I do not make false reports, maybe POLAT understand that an admin enters the server and the person stops. Almost the entire server hates you like you, for this behavior. Polat Alemdar

TKP Stefan I say panic for jokes like different people. They can confirm everything and see who will cry.


The first of all actually i don’t care who like me or hate me.
The second I connected many times after your reports to see nothing no spamm.
That because you do not know what spam mean.

(Spam is when the players making noises, playing music via voice chat system or when they sending poster via normal chat.)
But if one play said hello how are you guys, you tell him to stop spam.

Also for “panic” I do not care who saying it, I care about the result, and you killed the team whit it.

TKP Stefan (“panic” usually happens when the team is dead anyways and its simply a way to make things more “fun”). Maybe yeah, but I am not gonna say it when I became zm just to make them die and start again.

Polat Alemdar
I know what spam is for, I was an admin on another network. And to the panic is not the whole truth, I say when the team is dead.

I had a bad day and that’s why I wrote for understanding…