Power abuse?


I have been playing on this server for some time now and I enjoyed it so far. But today we were playing the map sky athletics, and we voted for paranoid as the next map. Time left was 0 and the round ended, however map didn’t change. Truns out someone extended the map another 27 minutes or so… that’s fun, I know :slight_smile:

I typed !admin to see who the admin was, and only 1 showed up which was a guy named Cliam.

So I asked why the map was extended, and later decided to leave, but before I left, all I heared was someone being mean to me in the mic telling me to “go cry”, and “what are you going to do about it?”.

Obviously I can’t do much, but I assume the server has roles, so here I am reporting the issue.

Not asking you to take an actions, just informing you on the issue to keep the server healthy and free from abuse. I hope you can bring it up with whoever did this long extend as I will llikey not join anymore if this keeps happening in the future because what is the point of having map time if someone with power can just casually extend the map he/she likes?

Thank you for reading my post!

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The map was extended because there was an error in the amount of extends the map should have, so the admin extended the map.

The response was quite toxic, as you mention, hopefully it doesn’t happen again.