Problème server

Hello, I can no longer join the server “connection failed after 30 retries”

The server is having some Problems, due to DDos attacks better join the Discord to stay up to date all the time.

Ok so the problem is with the server and not with me?

My English is very poor at speaking

yes, it has nothing to do with you

I see 22 people on the server but I still can’t play on it

server is not working

if you were connected to the server before those attacks started, you will stay Online but as soon as you rejoin you wont be able to join again.

why when all guy shoting or use molotov, then i will get lag like my sv and var will be red so high. but this never happen in anthor server

It’s just the server, you can’t fix that, it only happens on map like rush_b or like you said when we are all shooting at the same time/same place, so no worries.

The game itself has issues with it that are very taxing, to clarify. There’s a lot that isn’t enough for a direct answer. Players grouped in herds are likely going to make the server struggle along. It’s why more open or less shoddily made maps suffer less.

Some servers don’t reach the player amount we do and don’t run what we run neither.

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