Problems tracers + tag name

Hello to all ZE Lovers ! :slight_smile:

Someone can help me how to set a color to my tracer ? because when I enter /tracers, we can only choose a tracer type in the list on the console, but there is nothing for setting a color type (I want the fucsia color)

I used all the commands to find how setting a color (like /colors, /tag, /supporter, /zmenu, etc…) and it’s not working.

Other problem with setting a tag name, I want to put in front my name “ZE Addict”, so I put in the console: sm_settag 2 ZE Addict, and it say: tag restricted.

Can someone clear me on these problems?

Thank you and Have a nice game :slight_smile:

It’d be…

!tracercolor fuchsia or !tracercolor 255 0 255

I apologize it’s not explained clearly… I’m still working on improving it eventually. !tracercolor is what you’re looking for.

The other command is also !traceralpha, which allows you to control transparency.

The tag might be picked up as a slur. We had to set harsher restrictions as some supporters were being naughty with it of recent. Sorry. :disappointed:


Okay I see, don’t worry :wink:

I had using the name tag: ZE Addict just before I lost my supporter status.

I think the problem came to this and it locked up accidently maybe.

Anyway thank you for your answer !

My color tracer is working for now :upside_down_face:

Go on Google and search for rgb colors and you will see the colors with rgb codes with 9 numbers. In the server type !tracercolor (the rgb code).

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Ok thank you shota for the rgb colors!