Puntuaciones del Mapeadores Zombie Christmas Mapping Contest 2015

El concurso finalizó y como valoración general podemos decir que empezó con mucha motivación por parte de la comunidad pero ya sea por tiempo o por pocas ganas, al final ha habido poca participación, quizás tengamos que mejorar o matizar algunas cosas por si en un futuro queremos repetir.

Después de unas semanas de pruebas vamos a publicar las valoraciones de los jueces, el feedback lo ponemos en inglés para que sea de ayuda para los mappers:

ze_bathroom_v1_1 by Puklicax and @Cuniczek


  • @Syoudous (8/10): Fun in gameplay by surprise for what at first looks to be lacking. Simple yet difficult enough to go back for more.

  • @Enviolinador (8.5/10): Challenging enough to be interesting, different enough to feel refreshing, fun enough to be played time and time again.

  • Morell (8/10): Although at first sight map feels somewhat mediocre, as it progresses this perception changes and it becomes quite enjoyable. Some gameplay mechanics have been rarely seen before and it has an oldschool touch that makes you want to play more, with it being a reasonable challenge in which players get further bit by bit. The second level can become a tad repetitive and too easy for the human team.


  • @Syoudous (7/10): Passable. Some areas (and in looks) feels a little empty. There are also quite a few things that don’t seem to make sense. The best example that comes to mind is the toilet room with the small toilet paper rolls and the size of the toilet itself. Quite amusing though it is. It’s not very good but it’s not bad. It’s okay and it works.

  • @Enviolinador (7/10): Certain areas have completely absurd proportions, while others maintain some degree of consistency. Somewhat bland feeling and simple looks, but effective enough to carry the gameplay experience. Somewhat empty and rough on the edges, but polished enough to stand out from your average map. ) feels a little empty.

  • Morell (7.5/10): Proportions are off, but one can dismiss that as it helps build a better gameplay experience. The music used is not too fitting (chill out) and certain areas are counter-intuitive and can get you lost. Even as a bathoom, there is too little representation of the christmas theme.


  • @Syoudous (7/10): The mouse trap as a weapon seems like a very overpowered yet fun item making use of what you can do with it. However what gives a negative vibe is leaving it solid which in gameplay can cause a bit of issues I believe. It would have been fun seeing it move quick and “snap” on players. The other thing that is fun is the final levels boss. It’s pretty simple but looks good and fun in gameplay. Overall though the map is very simple and straightforward.

  • @Enviolinador (7.5/10): Two interesting entity systems (with the rolling paper first and the sponge boss by the end of the map) really give the map some undeniable charm. The special weapons are correct in execution and themed in a way that fits the overall environment. There are no particularly convoluted or complex-when-not-needed setups, which is always a plus.

  • Morell (7/10): Items do not differ too much from those you would find in any other map, with the rat trap being an annoyance at times for its trolling potential. Although zombies can derive some frustration from them, there is a reasonable degree of balance in general. The first boss is too simple and perhaps not even necessary as it is, but the second one has surprised me: it is both fun and imaginative.


  • @Syoudous (8/10): It’s a rats map, spoilers. The usage and abusage of Crowbar as a model tool now is taking over for Zombie Escape. In a good way. Now people are scaling up models and making things look a little neat! It’s quite admirable and more people should discover this.

  • @Enviolinador (7.5/10): Visleaves within the map seem reasonable for how open it is. The mapping seems solid overall, with not much to complain about. Usage of recompiled, scaled props is a plus.

  • Morell (8/10): All fine in this respect, well optimized and using upscaled models for the rats feel to really pop out and feel as it should be.


  • @Syoudous (7.5/10): The custom textures are visually pleasing to look at and the custom models (outside of the ones that are in-game and scaled up) are cool. Everywhere you look except for the first few minutes in the first level is mostly custom textures. Very pleasing on the eyes.

  • @Enviolinador (7/10): A hefty amount of the textures used are custom, adding some variation to the stale and seen-to-death materials from the game. To my knowledge, custom models are only seen through the first boss and the dog at the spawn area, if we disregard upscaled props. All in all, a well balanced amount of custom content.

  • Morell (7/10): Custom content can be found all throughout the map: custom textures, many of which are recolored for reuse, produce a great effect (with colored towels in the drawers as an example). The model of the first boss looks out of place (a rubber duck would have been better) but the dog at the beginning is very much inline.

ze_santassination_v1 by Luffaren


  • @Syoudous (7.5/10): Playable with its fair share of issues. You will be taken on a ride throughout the map. The story, sound clips, music and generally all the content the map provides will engulf you into another world.

  • @Enviolinador (8/10): Although some levels are quite unbalanced, the overall extent of the map is enormous so quirks are to be expected. A charming story, wacky fun and loads of different environments, situations and fun to be had. Exhilarating at some points, too hard or absurd at others.

  • Morell (7.5/10): Too absurd at some points, to the degree where it may get annoying. Sound effects overlap and become uninteligible if not ahead of the pack. In general, however, the map is very fun and you enjoy your time in it traversing and beating each level and wondering about what you will find next. Some levels might need polishing balance-wise.


  • @Syoudous (8/10): Abstract and unique in its own way. There’s a lot going on and it happens all at once. Lots of custom content in the map that make you take second looks and wanting more. To keep it simple, you start off in the desert and then end up venturing off to Santa’s workshop. It’s as crazy as it sounds.

  • @Enviolinador (8/10): Simplistic at some points, in particular the later levels, probably due to technical constraints. Different, take-me-seriously-not attitude with loads of odd mixes and outright silly design. DIY artwork walks on the edge between hilarity and awfulness in a fantasticly enjoyable way.

  • Morell (8/10): Although some levels contain areas which feel empty, this is understandable given the sheer size the map has. Most places are pleasing to the eye and one can easily see the amount of work put into it.


  • @Syoudous (7/10): While the map has a good chunk of custom content the map feels lacking in the area for usage of entities. What gives it a high score is being clever from the first level to the second in transition. Have you noticed the sky and how much the surrounding changes? The effects the map has is noteworthy as well.

  • @Enviolinador (7.5/10): The entity work is more than reasonable: special items, aggressive NPCs, fun (though not very complex) bosses and having to feed chocolate to a wall-face. The execution, however, is not perfect - some things act funny or fail to really impress the audience. Solid but open to improvement.

  • Morell (8/10): Special items, level transitions, NPCs, and visual effects are all well blended together. The bosses are simplistic but some of their movements are a novelty. The “secret” final level is very well done, catching players by a pleasent surprise.


  • @Syoudous (9/10): All things technical are going on in the back end of the map. Mostly modelling and animations. Regardless of what you think it’s very rare for a custom made map to have hand made models, animations especially! Low quality, shoddy or absurd you may think they’re very fun and downright eye candy to look at.

  • @Enviolinador (7.5/10): Modelling and animation is an obvious plus. The way certain areas of the map are designed is dubious, coming along with a few issues (for example, filling up the modelprecache table quite a bit). Reasonable polishment and usage of Hammer, though falling short due to not performing a full compile.

  • Morell (8.5/10): Little can be said here: custom animated models, interesting visual effects and little to improve on considering the limitations within the engine and how ambitious the map is.


  • @Syoudous (9/10): As said above there’s custom models with animations! If you can’t enjoy that there’s still a good chunk of content to look at related to your adventure to Santa’s workshop. The audio clips (as loud as it can be and being too loud at times) are also very amusing and fun to listen to. If you miss something on your first run through the map there should be something new on the second and the third that you may have missed. It’s baffling fun.

  • @Enviolinador (9/10): Custom models. Custom NPCs. Enjoyable music. Balls to the wall design in some areas, using fully custom materials. Sound effects that are obnoxiously loud but also deliver their good share of enjoyment (when not spammed). An all around heavyweight in terms of customization, creativity and cool.

  • Morell (9/10): Most content, from models to textures, is custom. One can see creativity and imagination flowing from the mind of the author, who has not let us down.

Los participantes deberán contactar conmigo para recibir sus premios.

Lots of thanks for the first place award! Big congrats to the runner ups as well!
A good bunch of the cons for santassination should hopefully be fixed in v1_1. In any case, i appreciate the feedback and heartwarming comments.
It’s a shame that we only ended up with two finished contributions in total. Let’s hope that the next event will gather more participants.

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