Questions to all that know

Hey I was wondering what do I get for donating to this server. Are there any specific human/zombie skins? How many? And what’s the vip standing for?

First, check this out
Yes, you have at least 20 or 25 skins for humans (or more or less, but it’s around these numbers),for zombie not as much (i think only one, but im not sure), but above all it will give you some abilities, like regen hp, if i remember well, one of the supporter zombie skin or the only one have “double life” i mean by that if you start at 30k HP, basicly when a human kill you when you are at 0 hp, it will give you back 30k or 15k HP with this skin, can be useful.

Vip is different than supporter, it’s free and you can increase your rank by playtime.

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Thanks Dude, I appreciate it!!