Read You Moron (Frankencontest)



My thing for the contest, an item shitfest. 64 Towers, each with 85% chance of having an item (70% human, 30% zombie). Humans have to traverse the grid to find and press a set of colored buttons in the order I show you at the beginning - you cannot progress unless you read and remember these colors, and have 3 minutes to do so.

Those who make it to the next stage will have to thing through a couple of puzzles that, again, require the ability to read, and uncommon talent among ze players - if such a thing even exists.

There is a weeb boss at the end, followed by a moral dilemma: to kill your team and get your solo win, or kill the zombies as a team.

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I had TONS of fun testing this one! I hope you make more stuff like this :slight_smile: