====Rem is trash RACISM admin, got slay then mute then ban with no reason

was playing like any time, but this time some trash was inside the server doing naughty to people.
the scenario was like this :
1- some people dead because not jumping.
2- I wrote “jaja” laughing about that
3- got slay by the trash “====Rem”
4- asked why, he said ‘you throw flame’
5- told him I didn’t and you are trash admin.
6-he muted me
7- in next round some people throw flame again.
8- got ban and there no reason.
is this logical ?? paying what I didn’t do ?? all players was throwing flame like 5-8 people and the person who pay is me :smiley: . this is racism100%
1- unban me because no reason or proof for that.
2- please verify your admins activity.
thanks for your time and reading this topic :smiley:.

i didnt see this happening but admins in mapeadores are getting out of control…

shit admins everywhere…they just do as they please.
Shit admins include: Hitatu, zam, telo

i only have fun on mapeadores now when the good admins are present

good admins include: acme, dark and blue

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Hi dude,
thanks for your word of bad admin and there is racism admins. what I can’t believe that you can’t defense your self and they will not listen to you.
I think to report this community to the competent authorities because of racism and ego of the owners and I need help of player like you to support me.
and some time I say it is trash community.

no, i like the community. almost everyone one is funny. just some admins ruin it…