Rtv thoughts and shit

So i was sleeping today, and in my sleep i got a strange text with invitation in it, which i followed without questions and met someone who helped me by discussion, open my brain and start my 1 straight neuron connectio nenough to create couple thoughts.
the beginning
Ok, that’s no secret, most of the time voting on server is literally like this,unless someone reputable enough tells what to vote or players get unconciusly influenced by spam on theirs decision…etc…
Cut it short, sometimes it’s pure cancer train rtv for hours (coz most of time we loose all maps and shitshow is kinda not yet there to get some troll fun) and my subjective feeling is literally pepew

So i thought about muting voice and text chat while voting, but that can give negative experience because on mapea sometimes you must influence the vote so they don’t pick super hard multilevel map in morning with 30 humans, etc…
So maybe we need to start voting from number 5 and have three staged vote system instead of two?
Oh and number 1 is totally useless factual and theoretical and philosophical and mentally it gives nothing.I propose to leave number 1 but change it to random nomination and start voting from 5 to 9. maybe have three staged system to increase the variations…

I thought about changing nominating system similar to other server which won’t be named, but i saw that when it got that complicated (you need to have some vote on nomination to get it in voting system) literally only a tryhards, laserf*** and other strange players kept using it coz it benefits them, overall changing nom system got them nothing.

Idk…my thoughts… i woke up, got sober and…am i in matrix?

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and yes i know that this shit with vote system is draggin from half life 1 times and everyone already added all they could about this and it never sorted out so this dilemma became like what colour better green or blue but still just wanted to get some shit out

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to add some thought to nom system: maybe next or under the maps in nominations we should add more info, like how many levels map have or even create difficulty tiers? To stop demagogy about tiers i propose simply tier maps by winrate on server and have like 3-5 tiers…

so map will be like : ze_mako3abcde [tier3][5lvls] in nominations.


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even more: if you don’t have certain amount of players with certain online time (basically vips) you can’t get/vote certain maps … like there is now system which counts in only online players, maybe make it more complicated? hmm i am going deep in wormhole halp