Star Wars map (Contest)

Hello guys !

I wanted to create a Star Wars map for years. However I didn’t know for which mode should I do it, coop, jailbreak ? OH, A NEW MAPPING CONTEST, WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

So let’s make a nice zombie escape map. The theme is defenetly not overused, the only good Star Wars map we got is death star escape!

The idea is to create 1 level per film. The first level will be the infiltration of Naboo to kill Darth Maul.
The second level will take place in the Droid Factory on Geonosis and end in the big fighting arena.
The last level will be on the lava planet Mustafar, with the legendary fight Anakin VS Obiwan.

2 months is really short for a big project like that, so I’m not working alone. Riczz is working on the level 2, and Caleon1 is working on the 3rd one + models work. We are Jailbreak Mappers, so don’t be rude if our holding spots aren’t perfect for the first version, we have to adapt to this mod :wink:

Today I’ll just share with you what I have done on the first level. It took me around 30 hours to do this.

I’ve also started working on models :

Damn dude this already looks so Epic im Hyped to play it, feel like this is gonan be my Favorite Map on the Server when it gets Released.
Good work you guys

Today’s work


Lookin good dude

looking good Raphi would be nice if u could add Mojos laser sound from Cyberderp with pewpew gunsound then it fit starwars

Ready for boss fight

Small update:
This part take so much time to create, to be honest I don’t want to rush it and make it the most star-wars like.

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