Suggestion for !hide


Would it be possible to make a hide option where nearby players are not completely invisible but instead they are transparent and see-through? Maybe call it !fade or something.

Here is an example from another server:

I want to hide nearby players but not completely. I would like to see where they go.

I think the code is something like this:

“$alpha” 1.0
“$player_distance” 0.0
“scale” 0.005
“resultVar” “$player_distance”
“min” 0.05
“max” 1.0
“srcVar1” “$player_distance”
“resultVar” “$alpha”

The point of !hide in itself as a command is to decrease overhead and allow as a form of optimization on the players behalf. It prevents players from rendering appropriately and sends less ‘data’. What you’re requesting will defeat that purpose and add more layers.

On top of that, that’s a VMT, what defines how a texture should render. You’re more or less asking for an entire server to have a overhaul for a feature that would be quite bad for the lower end.