Terrorists in server


Hello as you know im rtv,

But since a few moments ago i encountered someone who is called Yekineyen Parastina Jin(Gel).
This is a terrorist organization. Please reconsider this kind of people playing on the server.
My advise is to let the person change his name into something neutral.
I have used !call to report him. But when i choose Other i cant find a way to tell admins which reason is behind it.
Plz let me how you deal with people following terrorist organizations.

Greeting Rtv Guy


Hello, I wish to implement a new idea how to deal with possible terrorist/witches

We throw them into a lake of water. If they sink to the bottom and drown and die then they are not a terrorist/witch. If they float to the top of the water then they ARE a terrorist/witch and must be banned and then killed.

Ideas? discuss…