They ban when they want

Hello and good morning.

I came to complain about something on the server, first of all, it’s not my business but I had to write this due the unfair ““bans”” on the server.

Today I was playing and I saw a guy called Chevy, he came to kill me but like I had the nova I shot him in the head sending him flying, the problem is that I accidentaly boosted him and he killed all, of course I laughed and him too but some people got it too seriously and used “!call” even people on the server was saying “dude, chill, it was a round and accidentaly”, after than I saw that Chevy got banned 1440 for “trolling” and I was like "What the hell? it was a mistake and if someone should be banned it’s me and not him because I bossted him (Even if it was accidentaly) after that I tried to talk who banned him (Syoudous or whatever) and I was getting pissed due the misunderstood but he keeped acting like Immature (And that made me more mad than I was already) and he suddenly kicked me from a group that we were arguing (I guess he knew that I was right but his pride doesn’t let him agree) after all this, I tried to talk with him and he keeped ignoring me, I don’t know why to be honest, I just wanted to explain him that it was my fault and not of Chevy.

Have a good day.

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Hey @KILLER_QUEEN the ban was only 2hr and he got banned by the console idk how this stuff work but waht i think if the zombie is moving towards you it well be hard to get bost he well get punched but not boosted (this is only my thoughts)
Also u can click Here to see the ban


I can’t explain how the console did that when I saw Syou on spec mode and he knew about the stuff what happened and no, it wasn’t me only who were shooting at him but I said myself because I had the nova and I was closer, anyway thank you for the reply!. Have a good day.

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